See the About page for more information, but the Sprinkle Tech business is currently a side project and limited in scope. Please feel free to use the Contact form to reach out and see if we’re a fit.

I am located in the Willamette Valley in Oregon (Pacific Time Zone), but am available for virtual work assignments from anywhere, and can arrange travel with sufficient advanced notice.

Over the course of my career and personal technology exploration, I’ve worked to complete the following sorts of projects, and would love to discuss your needs with you to see if I can help find efficient and cost effective solutions to your technology challenges.

  • Built light-weight industry specific databases for the tracking of agricultural chemicals and leases.
  • Deployed enterprise wired and wireless networking technologies, including spectrum optimization.
  • Deployed cloud-hosted Open VPN instances for ad/content blocking, privacy on un-trusted WiFi and cross-client connectivity.
  • Heavily utilized and administered modern SaaS cloud infrastructure including products such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Oracle NetSuite, and SAP Concur to meet business needs, and effectively manage licensing costs and advancing information security practices.
  • Developed customized Microsoft SharePoint sites to meet business needs, training end users.
  • Built advanced Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to meet business needs by non-technically advanced end users and to quickly analyze complex business problems.
  • Implemented a self-managed cloud hosted phone system (3CX) in Amazon Web Services for a family business with a moderate number of users including integration with Amazon Chime Voice Connector.
  • Self-hosted various productivity applications in alternative cloud providers such as Linode, Vultr, and Digital Ocean. Heavily used and integrated Cloudron’s self-hosting suite.
  • Managed creation and updated of various WordPress sites.
  • Managed secure disposal of aging IT assets and coordinated procurement of cost-efficient replacement solutions.
  • Virtualized hardware using type 1 and type 2 hypervisors to support legacy industry-specific applications and the efficient use of hardware.
  • Lead multiple enterprise-level projects to evaluate, select, implement and change manage production software systems in the areas of finance and accounting, program operations, and specialty industry needs. Frequently served as a trainer of trainers and power users, and an evangelist for the value of the technology for improved business processes.